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******* Welcome to Gatlinburg GhostWalks Ghost and History Tour Pricing - Get pricing information for Historic Gatlinburg Haunted Vacations Ghost and History Tours with accommodations and other attractions travel discounts along with Gatlinburg GhostWalks Prices or Gatlinburg GhostWalk Prices and enjoy Gatlinburg GhostWalk Pricing information for Gatlinburg GhostWalk Tickets with more on the Gatlinburg GhostWalk Cost and obtaining Gatlinburg GhostWalk Tickets for your next visit to the very sacred and Haunted Smoky Mountains!!!!! *******
The Gatlinburg GhostWalk Tour Prices and Policies
All of our evening lantern-led walking tours last from two and a half to three hours as a gentle stroll through the historic districts of the towns in which we tour. With no aggressive, or long distance walking involved, you'll be sure to get your money's worth at any group rate! All lantern-led evenings tours are priced as follows...

Rates are based on the number in your party at the time of booking. There is a minimum of four people to operate with the following exception. Guests having one to three people in their party may schedule a private tour which requires no minimum to operate at the flat rate of $96 plus tip and tax. However, groups of one to three people joining us for a previously scheduled tour will enjoy our "Open Group Rates" at $30 per person, where available. Groups of four to five in a party are $24 per person. Groups of six to fifteen are $21 per adult and children eleven and under, or seniors sixty-five and over are $19 per child/senior. Groups of sixteen to thirty people are $19 per person and groups of thirty-one, or more are $17 per person. Motorcoach groups, please call for special pricing. RESERVE NOW ONLINE, or call (423) 743-9255 for further information and reservations...

NOVELTY TOURS WITH RATE EXCEPTIONS: Please add $10 per person to any of the above group rates for any of our morning, or afternoon "Novelty Tours" to include the "Legendary Cherokee Bigfoot Adventure Tour", the "Haunted Historic Tipton-Haynes GhostWalk", and the "Haunted Historic Appalachian Caverns GhostWalk" where a portion of the proceeds go to benefit the State Historic Site, Cave Preservation Fund, or State Nature Preserve where these tours are conducted...

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Gatlinburg GhostWalks Tour and Vacation Package Info
TIPS: The minimum 15% gratuity for your guide will be added to the base rates above, regardless of the number in your party. Additional tips are highly encouraged as our guides work mainly for tips and appreciate your acknowledgement of a job well done! Our philosophy is... "If you're tour is exceptional, then additional gratuities are acceptable"...

GENERAL INFOMATION: Advance reservations are required for all tours and are subject to availability at the time of booking. Tickets and arrangements for for tours and vacation packages are non-refundable, but are good for up to one year from the original purchase date. Ticket and package holders may change the tour location and date, or the number in their party as often as necessary with no fees, or penalties. A minimum two hour advance notice is required to avoid complete loss of tickets. Twenty-four hours is required on any Friday or Saturday in October. Full, or remaining tour credit may then be utilized toward any future reservation to include any of our evening lantern-led ghostwalks and/or haunted vacation packages...

POSTPONEMENTS AND RESCHEDULING: Guests may postpone their tour, or vacation package indefinitely for up to one year from the original purchase date free of charge with unlimited changes. Postponement requests must be made by telephone by calling (423) 743-WALK (9255) at least two hours before the designated tour departure time to avoid forfeiture of any tour credit for a future tour. Full tour credit can be renewed another full year for just $15 plus tax, which covers the office processing fee, by requesting the extension before the tour or vacation package's annual expiration date. Although cancellations for rescheduled tours are extremely rare, all rescheduled tours are subject to availability as determined by the host from the time of rescheduling up to the time of tour embarkation. Blackout dates for rescheduled tours run from September 15th through October 31st and they as well as ticket prices are subject to change. Rates are always calculated on the total number of your party at the time of re-booking. In the event of a partial postponement, per person rates are recalculated to adjust for those in attendance. Once again, whether it is the remaining difference from only a paritial postponement, or the full ticket or package value, tour credits may be utilized toward future reservations for any of our evening lantern-led ghostwalks and/or haunted vacation packages as well as select items found on the Appalachian GhostWalks online store...

CANCELLATIONS DUE TO WEATHER: Please note that tours do operate rain, or shine. However, in the event of dangerous or extremely uncomfortable weather conditions, such as steady or falling temperatures below forty (40) degrees (due to the effects of long-term exposure), the tour may not operate and there are no refunds, but full tour credit to be used on a future visit is issued with the minimum two-hour advance notification requirement waived for weather related cancellations. Appalachian GhostWalks reserves the right to cancel any tour with a minimal notice up to one hour before the tour if weather conditions are deemed hazardous, severe, or too uncomfortable for our guests. In the event that your tour is cancelled due to weather, guests will receive a full tour credit which, again, may be utilized toward any future reservation to include any of our evening lantern-led ghostwalks and/or haunted vacation packages. Please see the "Postponements" section above for rescheduling information...

NON-TAX GROUPS: There is no tax for churches, schools, or other non-profit and tax exempt organizations. Special vacation package pricing is available for couples and families and step-on guide services are available for tour buses and large groups. Please call for details and reservations...

RESTRICTIONS: Smoking and alcoholic beverages as well as audio and video recording of or during tours are prohibited at all times. Please see additional details in the Frequently Asked Questions section below. Designated smoking areas and breaks for smokers are built in during your itinerary, or evening tour. If you must smoke, please inquire with your guide for details before the time of tour departure...

Gatlinburg GhostWalk Fequently Asked Questions

  • All tours are family oriented and great for children as young as five as well as the elderly.
  • Each tour requires advance reservations with a minimum of four to operate, unless scheduling a private tour of one to three people.
  • Appalachian GhostWalks is more about quality than quantity so our tours are limited to a maximum number of people, preferrably in one party or group, for the safety and enjoyment of all participants.
  • Most of our ghostwalks are handicapped accessible. As with any of our tours, please call to make prior arrangements and reservations for guests with special needs.
  • Appalachian GhostWalks operates tours year-round regardless of the weather - rain, or shine, so be sure to bring your umbrella and arrive on time as the tour will depart promptly as scheduled when reserved.
  • Average length of our GhostWalks is two and half to three hours in duration depending on the tour and are a gentle stroll through the historic districts.
  • Our tour guides are English speaking, but we can provide a Spanish interpreter upon request.
  • There is much to see and to hear about on all of our exciting tours so don't forget your camera as well as some comfortable walking shoes. Guests frequently get amazing photographs of anomalous light and energy and we do point out photo opportunities along the tour route where our guests can and probably will get some very interesting pictures! Appalachian GhostWalks reserves the right to photograph our tours in operation and such photographs are the property of the tour company. Voluntary participation in any tour or vacation package is acknowledgement on the part of the guest that such photographs may be taken as a service to our guests, or in protecting the company's business interests, as well as that such photos will be kept on file by the company indefinitely for future reference. Sorry, but due to the copyright and trademark interests of the company, audio and video recording by any guest for all, or any portion of the presentations by our guides are strictly prohibited on all tours, at all times, unless otherwise specificed by the guide.
  • For the comfort and enjoyment of all participants on the tour, smoking is not permitted during the tour presentation. The smoke interferes with attempts to photograph light anomalies and also can be distracting, if not dangerous for others who do not smoke. Certain exceptions, or special arrangements made be made with the guide if a private tour with sixteen, or more individuals in one party is being reserved, but all arrangements must be made in advance.
  • Absolutely no alcohol or drugs are permitted on our tours. If anyone is deemed to be intoxicated or otherwise under the influence of drugs or alcohol by the tour guide, that person, or those persons will be removed from the tour with no refunds.
  • Appalachian GhostWalks reserves the right to remove anyone from a tour who is being disruptive and distracting from the enjoyment of others on the tour, or who may pose a hazard to our other guests or to private property owners. Again, there are no refunds.
  • Stay with the tour group at all times. Because tours are given at twilight and after dark, we want to keep you as safe as possible. Do not enter, or trespass on property the tour has not been invited to take you onto, or into. We respect the people and the property of the people of the towns and buildings we tour.
  • By utilizing electronic equipment, The ARC ~ Alternate Realities Center investigations team were able to obtain scientific evidence to support claims of hauntings at each historic site. The photographs, electronic voice phenomena (EVPs), and infrared video recorded during our initial investigations of the interior and exterior of the properties along each tour route are available for purchase on DVD from your tour guide when attending any of our walking tours, or from The Gatlinburg GhostWalks' Ghost Hunter Store. Again, ten percent of our annual profits go to benefit Saint Jude's Children's Research Hospital.
  • Ghost Hunting 101 ~ The Alternate Realities Center offers a world reknowned ghost hunting and dowsing certification program for those who wish to obtain their field certification in paranormal investigations. Space is limited and classes tend to fill up quickly so register early if you would like to attend. The class is a two day weekend seminar. For registration information, please Click Here.
  • Liability Disclaimer: Although all of our walking tours are only held in safe and very accessible areas, the voluntary participation by the participant in any tour offered by our company, as well as any heirs or assignees, agree to hold harmless and release, both now and in perpetuity, Appalachian GhostWalks and its agents, employees, contractors and or representatives from any and all liability, injury, accident, death, harm, financial loss or incidental damages, or any other circumstance arising from or that may occur during, immediately preceding or following or is in any way related to participation in said activity, whether or not due to omission, negligence, incompetence, failure or any other reason on the part of or by Appalachian GhostWalks. Participant understands that said activity may be physically strenuous and potentially hazardous, and agrees that they are in adequate physical and mental condition to participate as well as adequately clothed.

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Click Here to discover more about The ARC Ghostology 101 Ghost Hunting Classes. Thank you for visiting our Gatlinburg GhostWalks Ghost and History Tour Pricing page where you can get pricing information for Historic Gatlinburg Haunted Vacations Ghost and History Tours with accommodations and other attractions travel discounts along with Gatlinburg GhostWalks Prices or Gatlinburg GhostWalk Prices and enjoy Gatlinburg GhostWalk Pricing information for Gatlinburg GhostWalk Tickets with more on the Gatlinburg GhostWalk Cost and obtaining Gatlinburg GhostWalk Tickets for your next visit to the very sacred and Haunted Smoky Mountains!!!
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